High School Diploma Kit Items
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Each graduate who orders their high school diploma kit from Orchard Online Academywill receive a variety of items that verify their academic achievement. The most important item included in the kit is the online high school diploma that each graduate receives. This diploma is printed on very high quality paper as a traditional high school uses. The diploma is complete with our official seal of authenticity that cannot be duplicated or copied. Additionally, a graduate will receive a set of transcripts that are also printed on very high quality paper. These transcripts will show the subjects taken and scores received by the student in the program. A graduate can also expect contact details to reach our counselors in order to use their free lifetime verification services. Our counselors are standing by to help ensure your success in our online high school test program verified to potential employers, organizations and institutions. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our program or the GED.
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Approved Online Education
GED Online, through Orchard Online Academy, is a member of the American Online Education Assembly Network. AOEAN is an online education body that closely monitors members courses so that they follow the strict requirements of higher education practices. GED Online is proud of the membership received and unlike other fake "accredited" online high schools, GED online provides a real solution for students who are serious about their academic success. GED Online encourages students to take the free course so that they can earn their high school diploma online and at home.

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If you're looking to quickly earn a real high school diploma online, our program is the right choice for you. This GED online replacement program is designed to be taken in a short amount of time for students who do not have the luxury to study long hours or take a long online high school course. Our GED online alternative test platform was created with the real GED test in mind and applies similair curriculum in a condensed online version. If you're ready to get a real high school diploma fast:
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Free Verification For Graduates

All graduates of GED Online who order their high school diploma online will automatically receive our counselor verification services by phone or mail. If a graduate would like to have a possible employer call our counselors, this is a free service and can be used as many times as the graduate would like at no cost. We also offer verification documentation that can be sent by mail to reach the recipient the graduate has notifed our school about. GED Online encourages graduates to use these free and valuable services so that they may get the position, promotion or acceptance they deserve.

  Easy Payment Plan Opportunities

If you're interested in our online GED alternative test course but can't afford to order your online high school diploma, our school is happy to now offer you the option to do so. Not only do we offer an easy 60-day payment plan for students, our online school now accepts a wide variety of payment types so that each student receives the opportunity to earn and receive their high school diploma. All a graduate need do after completing the test program is contact our counselors and set up the payment selection that makes the most sense for their circumstances. You've got nothing to lose and a real high school diploma to gain!

Free Online GED Program & Test

GED Online is proud to offer individuals the opportunity to enroll as students and take the online test at no cost. Our school encourages those that have put off getting their diploma to enroll in the course immediately as it won't be long before they are eligible to order their online high school diploma. During the free ged test alternative program, a student need not worry about promotions, surveys or other types of scams that fake websites claiming to be schools use on the internet. Orchard Online Academy, through GED Online, is a current member of AOEAN and cheap practices like those mentioned above are in no way supported by our school or AOEAN. Your information is kept confidential and only accessed with your approval by our professional counselors.

  Can I Get My GED Online Today?

We want to advise all individuals who are looking to get a GED online that there is no such program available. The GED test is not offered online. It can only be completed in person at a designated testing center and under the supervision of GED administrators. You can practice for the GED test online by using our program. Our online GED alternative course includes the core subjects and testing direction as the GED while being shorter in length and intensity. Typically, a student can pass our program with a satisfactory grade even if they have not prepared entirely or have been away from traditional schooling for a period of time. Again, there are no free GED online courses that are approved by the American Council of Education (ACE). You can however, enroll in our free GED alternative test course and earn a real high school diploma online quickly.

GED Classes and Courses Online

If you are interested in preparing for the official GED test online, there are classes that you can enroll in that will help prep you for the real thing. Be advised that these GED online classes will charge a membership fee or fee to enroll in the programs they offer. Some will charge per subject you study for. Although there are websites that claim they offer free GED practices tests, GED Online has reviewed these and suggests students order their own practice tests. The main reason we suggest this is that the GED online practice tests do usually also charge a fee, will use students contact information in an abusive way or their actual test is no where near the level of difficulty that the official GED test will be. Study and prep for the GED in a serious manner as it is a difficult test that the majority of first-time students will fail.

  Take The Test At Your Own Pace

Unlike traditional high school testing or the actual GED test, our online high school test program is not timed and can be taken at any pace the student would like. Some of our graduates are able to finish the entire course in one sitting, while others have been known to take weeks, months or longer to complete the test. We've designed our online GED alternative test to be flexible and convenient for those who haven't had the luxury of traditional schooling. Now you do not need to feel perplexed at the idea of taking a test to earn your high school diploma. The entire course can be completed online and at home. If you can't finish the course in one sitting, use your login and password that you've created to easily start where you last left off. GED Online encourages students to enroll in the fast-paced program to continue their higher education.