About Orchard Online Academy

The vision of Orchard Online Academyis to continue developing elearning opportunities for individuals to accelerate their academic portfolio and career. Orchard Online Academyis a member of the American Online Education Assembly Network (AOEAN). AOEAN has granted Orchard Online Academymembership into one of the most acclaimed online education consortiums in service. In order to stay an active member of AOEAN, Orchard Online Academymust continually meet their high quality of education standards and ethics.

Orchard Online Academy, through GED Online, offers graduates a 30 day money back guarantee on the graduation diploma package. Additionally, Orchard's staff of high school administrators are available to discuss the online high school program and any questions that students may have; either while taking the test or before enrolling. Orchard Online Academyonline looks forward to continually providing an alternative educational platform for those who opt to not enroll in traditional schooling.

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